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Erica is Allie's best friend, along with Sophie, Rosemary and Caroline's best friend.


It is mentioned in the series that Erica has brown hair.


Erica is very nice and is a peacemaker. She cannot stand lying or being mean to people, even to Cheyenne. However in book 3 "Best Friends and Drama Queens" she yelled at Cheyenne for being mean to Allie. She loves gymnastics, which she and her big sister Melissa "Missy" Ann Harrington are incredibly good at, and cats.

Friends & Enemies[]

Her best friends are Allie Finkle (who lives next door to her), Caroline Wu , Sophie Abramowitz, and Rosemary Dawkins, and they are all in the same class as her.

Even though she is very nice and cannot stand being mean to people, she does have an enemy: Cheyenne O'Malley.