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Mary Kay Shiner

Mary Kay Shiner is a character in the book series "Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls".

Mary Kay was first featured in book 1: Moving Day. She's known to be Allie Finkle former best friend. She's known as a "crybaby". She gets what she wants, and if she doesn't well...she cries. One day when Allie is invited to go to Mary Kay's house, Allie accidentally sticks a spatula down her throat. At this mean, Mary Kay cries and her babysitter sends Allie home.

Eventually Allie and Mary Kay split their close friendship. Mary Kay believes she shouldn't be friends with Allie anymore because Allie blurted that she was moving on Mary Kay's birthday when she promised not to.

Book 5: Mary Kay is sided with Brittany and first acts mean to Allie, then nice.

Book 6: After Allie Finkle moves to another home and school, Mary Kay is left with Brittany Hauser and are now Best Friends. Allie, Brittany, and Mary Kay all meet again on a double field trip with both schools to an old-fashioned farm school. Mary Kay is stung with a bee and Allie tries helping her. Once she does Mary Kay is nice to her for the first time since before their friendship ended.